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Adult day services run from Monday-Thursday 8:30AM-3:30PM.

Offering a wide variety of in-program and out in the community activities, we focus on developing new, or already existing life skills. Adult day program supports either part-time or full-time enrollment that best fits with the alignment of your daily schedule. Tell us a little bit about you, your interest, and possibly any goals you are working towards as every day we do something a little different!


Program activities entail but are not limited to; cooking, baking, STEM, educational workshops, fitness, wellness, art therapy, sensory activities and many more. We participate often in community programs and daily scheduled plans such as; volunteering at The Norgan Theatre, and The Town of Minto, library programming at the Palmerston Library, movie trips, recreational sports at The Palmerston Arena, Kris Kringle Market Vendor and much more! We pride ourselves in being active and visible members in our community!


  • Adults 18+ who have graduated from Secondary School

  • Ability to work in a group setting or independently

  • Some assistance, or no assistance with feeding/toileting 

  • Diagnosed with a developmental disability

  • Ability to be outside in a group setting

Our Services are covered under SSAH and Passport Funding

adult day program
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